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The Dwarf Planet Senshi
Well okay, not all the (famous, named) ones...'cos some of them are named after male deities and the Sailor Senshi Maker at Doll Divine doesn't have as many customisation options for males!  :P  Anyway, from left to right...

--You already know Sailor Pluto, of course (YOU'RE STILL THE NINTH PLANET IN _MY_ HEART, PLUTO!)

--Eris, named after the Greek goddess of dischord.  Notice the scheming look on her face and the Greco/Roman touches to her outfit.  Also, the only one with a weapon.

--Haumea, after the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and fertility; she's wearing flowers, leaves and jewelry.

--Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the ocean.  Wearing a longer dress than the others, tights under patterned with snowflakes, fur trim and earmuffs.  'Cos it gets COLD out there!

And in the background--faded and blurry--sad Ceres, harvest goddess of The Planet That Never Was. 
(Although, this being the Sailor Moon universe, I'm betting that at some point in THEIR timeline there was a full planet there with a civilization, and one day they accidentally blew themselves up with their own weapons of mass destruction.  Or something.)
Love is Love
I'm sure everybody and their dog who knows Steven Universe has done this, but...yeah.  Yeah.

Together we're _definitely_ stronger than you, Trump.  LGBT, black, Mexican, Muslim, any colour other than white, women of almost any description...

This is OUR country too.
And we're not going anywhere.

(Done with the Gemsona Maker at Doll Divine.  Ignore the fact that the arms look weird; it's impossible to pose the drag-and-drop arms with the sleeves without going over the sleeve's outline.  :P I decided to have Sapphire's bangs out of her face so you could fully see the expression.)
Happy 50th, Star Trek!
Happy Birthday, Star Trek!  Exactly 50 years today, on September 8 1966, TV saw the airing of the very first episode of Star Trek--"The Man Trap".  I didn't have time to draw something myself by hand, but when I saw that this awesome character creator had a freaking VULCAN HAND SALUTE as one of the possible poses, I figured this would do for my tribute!

Thank you, Star Trek, for 50 years of sci-fi adventure, drama, diversity, a hopeful future, inspirations for actual real-life technology you just might be using today...and, yes, the occasional green chick in a miniskirt.  (Because ya gotta have those every once in a while.)  And thank you personally--I grew up with reruns of the original Trek when I was a _baby_ and have been a Trekkie all my life. And never, ever ashamed of it.  :)

These are the voyages--may they continue into the final frontier.
Walani Wears Her Garland Properly
Walani, the surfer-chick from "Don't Starve:  Shipwrecked".  I originally drew this  to have an avatar that was my own artwork on the Klei forums, but I thought it good enough to post here.  (Hey!  I actually FINISHED something!  OMG!) 
The shading is jaggedy and messy on purpose, to put in just a _touch_ of the game's original art style.

And yes, that garland _does_ have exactly 12 flowers.  ;)
I know, I know, I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER.  I've been doing stuff, just, not much DeviantArt-related stuff.  Christmas was good.  Had a fun time at the Captain America sequel.  Been working on a Sims story with a really hard-to-do challenge.  My brother's birthday is this Sunday and I have no idea what to get him as usual. 
Oh, and I got AND LOST the best job I've ever had in about a month. 


Yeah, you can see why I haven't been posting much lately.  Even more depressed than usual...but...I'm trying to come out of it best I can.
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Robin Chesterfield
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I am a geek and proud of it. Age? Old enough to know better, young enough not to care (which will still be true even when I'm 100). I have way too many pop-culture interests, from superherhoes to silent movies, from Disney to dragons, from board games to British humour. I am a rabid MSTie, Trekkie, Babylon Fiver, Whovian and many more. I like at least bits of almost any kind of music I've heard, love random trivia, still like cartoons even though I'm an adult, am a Marvel AND a DC, and I snark because I am.


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